Lowcountry Fishing and Hunting Guide

By Matt Winter
Published in My Charleston: The Post and Courier’s Guide to Life in the Lowcountry


Photograph by Matt Winter

You can’t go anywhere around Charleston without running into, over, around or sometimes even through water.

As the locals are fond of saying, Charleston marks the spot where the Ashley and Cooper rivers join to form the Atlantic Ocean.

Saltwater and pluff mud are in our blood. Charleston’s a port town, a beach town, a river town, a seafood town. And it is, without a doubt, a fishing town.

Look around on any weekend and you’ll see boat ramps packed to the gills with trucks and boat trailers. Pass over any of our many bridges and you’ll see a line of center consoles zipping up and down the rivers and creeks.

If you live here or are just visiting — don’t miss out. Get out there and catch ’em up. Here are some tips to help (with a few hunting tips thrown in at the end for you hardcore outdoorsmen and -women). Continue reading