Fly Fishing For Redfish

By Matt Winter
Published in Tideline magazine, March/April 2012 issue


Photograph by Matt Winter

Capt. Tucker Blythe stands on the bow casting an E.P. Everglades Special. The bright fly line loops back and forth under a brilliant, late-winter sun. Watching closely, you can just see the orange and chartreuse fly whizzing past.

Capt. John Irwin has taken his turn up on the poling platform at the stern of the flats boat. From atop his perch, Irwin’s got a better vantage point. He sees the school up ahead, and gently pushes the boat forward while giving Blythe target updates. “Eleven o’clock.” “Yeah, right by that clump of grass.” “See ’em?” “They’re moving down.”

Up ahead, redfish swirl in the flooded spartina. A broad tail breaks the surface as a big fish cruises the grass line.

Tucker lands a fly amid them. One turns on it but misses. The school moves on, and so do we, meandering along the edge of a vast flooded marsh. Continue reading